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Dentist for children, pedodontics in Milan

In MayasDental particular attention is paid to the Prevention and Interceptive Care of the dentition of the youngest.

The health of the Deciduous Teeth is essential for the correct development of the jaws, ensuring the necessary space for the exchange of the Permanent Teeth. Not treating deciduous teeth properly could affect the child's overall health.

The Pediatric Dentist is actually "The Pediatrician of the Mouth".

The Prophylaxis Program in MayasDental Orthodontic Dental Practice includes regular visits and advice to improve the youngest patients oral hygiene and healthy nutrition.

Orthodontic prophylaxis must be carried out from an early age, in order to recognize and control bad habits including finger or lip sucking, infantile or atypical swallowing, mouth breathing and many others.

Our main goal is to try to establish contact with the child, to put him at ease in the dental environment.​