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Dental laser treatment, how it works

The laser, acronym for Light Amplification by Stimulated emission of radiation, consists of nothing more than a light source characterized by some particularities that make it very useful and versatile, even in the medical field.

The main features of this light beam are:

- MONOCHROMATIC: the particles of light emitted (photons) are all on the same wavelength and therefore the same;

- COHERENCE: the light beam remains the same for power characteristics, from the light source (the laser body) to the projection point we will therefore have the same light;

- COLLIMATION: there is no dispersion of the light beam which collimates everything in the usual point, and this allows not to disperse quantity of light and power.

The reason why this equipment is nowadays widely used in the medical field derives from these characteristics, namely the possibility of using a perfectly controllable and stable light source (made of photons), thus determining a predictable interaction with a given biological tissue.

How is it used in the therapeutic field in our practice?


The Laser allows  to perform surgery quickly, without bleeding and without the need for sutures. In our office, LASER FRENULECTOMY AND GINGIVOPLASTIC interventions are performed.



In the therapeutic / preventive field of the dentist profession, this device finds great benefits in the treatment of deep periodontal pockets, creating a decontamination of the area and favoring the healing of the pocket.

By exploiting the thermo-chromatic energy produced, this device is able to reduce dentinal sensitivity which, in the event that the roots of the teeth are uncovered, gives us that characteristic discomfort in the heat and cold of food, drinks and temperature variations in the environment. which affect the oral cavity.

The laser used in photobiostimulation mode is able to significantly reduce pain and inflammation both in case of acute pain (for example during long open-mouth treatments) and chronic joint pains or trismus-muscle contraction.