Welcome to MayasDental,
The dental practice of Dr.Maja Stamatova,
specialist in Dentistry and Dental Prostetics​ and
an English-speaking dentist in Milan.

​​We would like to welcome all, especially those who may have had a bad experience and hate the thought of going to the dentist, in order to show them that dental treatment can be painless and lacking any negative emotions. Our caring and professional approach will make your visit a pleasant experience.

​In MayasDental dental studio we are always striving to offer our patients high quality dentistry using the most modern methods, materials and facilities.

​Together we are going to evaluate all the treatment solutions, compatible with your specific clinical case, as well as with your wishes.

Please do not hesitate to ask any questions, concerning the healing process, that may be useful for you. Our aim is to work hand in hand with you and together to create a healthy mouth with a smile for life!

​Yours sincerely,
Dr. Maja Stamatova

Tell: 02 - 89952652   Cell : 329- 3157280

​MILANO  •  Via R. Farneti,10




Dottoressa Maja Stamatova

p.iva 066419550966

Via Rodolfo Farneti,10 - MILANO
Iscrizione all'Albo degli Odontoiatri di Milano N. 4928

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